Sacred Pregnancy and Mother Roasting
Sacred PregnancyYour Sacred Pregnancy is a journey. Our classes hold space for pregnant women to connect with one another and their pregnancy experiences in meaningful and personal ways. Sacred Pregnancy groups are being held all around the world and are the new wave of the pregnancy + birthing future. We are hell bent on changing the birth conversation as Sacred Pregnancy classes bring back the age old tradition of women sitting with one another during pregnancy and birth, getting empowered, witnessing each other’s process and BEING there for one another during an incredibly power-FULL rite of passage…becoming mothers.
Introducing Margaret McKinley Owens!

Margaret is quite the wealth of knowledge, and she has helped quite a few of our TCM mamas during labor, and even more so, during their postpartum time. She is a birth doula, postpartum doula, lactation consultant, placenta encapsulator, and also offers cranio sacral adjustments for babies. She is a kind of one-stop-shop person for all things postpartum. I feel so lucky to have Margaret in our community as a resource, as she really fills a need for postpartum support. Plus, she is just a wonderful person and ever enjoyable to be around. Read below to find out more about all of the services she offers, and find her at her website, Mothering by Mom, for even more information.

Postpartum Doulas Ease Transition For Families With Newborns
Written by Margaret   

When I was expecting my 3rd baby, all I could focus on was the pregnancy and the upcoming birth. I quickly learned that all seemed to pass so quickly. My pregnancy was easy. I loved that time, feeling the baby wiggle and poke inside my abdomen. I used to play with my little babe, poking back.

Then in the blink of an eye, I was home with my little bundle. My birth was fast and uncomplicated. I was already a mother of two children, and I had a supportive partner. “But now,” I thought, “What do I do about feeding and making dinner and keeping the house clean? And how do I trudge up and down the stairs with a load of laundry and a baby in a sling? I can’t do this,” I thought.

Then my doula came to visit and she offered to give a little bit of extra support since my delivery was only an hour and a half. She suggested that I get as much extra rest as possible. I laughed! I was a mom to a newborn, a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old—when was I going to find time to nap? She suggested that she could help for a week or so and then she told me go and lie down. So off to bed I went with my new little bundle and I slept while my doula tidied up the house, made lunch for me, and ran a load of laundry.

Twin Cities Postpartum Doula

While an increasing number of women are seeking help from a professional doula during the first three trimesters of pregnancy, many women admit that help is most useful in the fourth trimester – the postpartum phase. After more than 8 years assisting mothers in the Twin Cities, Margaret Owens can attest to the fact that most find they need support after childbirth…now more than ever before.

Serving in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area is important to Margaret because she has a passion for helping build family life, and motherhood, in her own community. She finds joy in serving women who are becoming mothers for the first time or adding new babies to their family. Margaret is experienced and trained in many Doula services, but true to her mission of providing help where it is needed most, she recently decided to re-focus her efforts and offer assistance for the post-natal stage of pregnancy.

For mothers in Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Margaret Owens is ready to provide the support and personalized service that mothers need in the most critical phase of pregnancy too often overlooked. The postpartum phase will truly change your life and your family’s life forever…so it’s the one to starting preparing for today.