My Education and Qualification

DONA Postpartum Doula Certification Workshop~ PCD(DONA) DONA Birth Doula Certification Workshop~ CD(DONA) July 2003,  Extensive Birth and Postpartum workshops taught by Nationally recognized speakers and educators, focusing on the role and purpose of a doula, stages...

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My Role as your Doula

My Role as your Postpartum and Birth Doula My parents both have backgrounds in health care and they have had a major influence on my perspective about care-giving. My father was a surgeon and chief of staff at a major Twin Cities hospital; he served as a great...

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My Story

As a mother who’s given birth five times, I can appreciate the range of emotions that women experience both before and after delivery. My first child, Garrett, was born with a heart defect and lived only two days. After that devastating experience—and a period of...

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Other Roles

Other roles I play as your birth doula include:* Assisting you (and your partner) to prepare and carry out your plans for the birth. Understanding the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of women in labor – and accommodating your unique concerns as outlined in...

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