Fortunate To Have Found Margaret!

Margaret was our post partum doula after the birth of my 3rd son. Coming home from the hospital I had a 5yr old, almost 2yr old, and a newborn baby boy. Needless to say our hands were full! We felt very fortunate to have found Margaret! One of my main concerns was being able to have time and energy to spend with my older boys while still be able to care for my newborn baby and Margaret was key to making that possible. She helped out tremendously with the household chores and even helping to get my older boys settled down so that I could have some rest time too. I would recommend her to anyone whether it is your first child or your third. It was great to be able to enjoy my new baby and other children while having someone there to help!

Brent and Kayla

Fantastic Doula

Margaret was a fantastic doula for us when our twins arrived. Being first time parents, we knew we were going to need help, but we didn’t know all the types of support we would need. Margaret was great at providing assistance on so many levels. She worked with us during the daytime which allowed me to rest and focus on my children. Margaret did it all, including accompanying me on pediatrician visits, running errands, organizing our baby essentials, and keeping our dog happy. She is a fantastic resource on lactation issues, baby care, and new baby activities in our area (like yoga and ECFE).

Katie and Brian

A Blessing In Our Lives

Margaret Owens worked with us for the first few months after our second child was born, and she was a blessing in our lives. We were under a lot of pressure at that time, for we had a high-needs toddler, we were both working full-time and was dad travelling while mom was only able to take a short maternity leave. However, Margaret Owens made everything work out much better than we ever thought possible. She’d come over a few times a week just as the toddler was heading to bed, and we would hand her the baby and some pumped breast-milk and head upstairs for some much needed sleep. Eight hours later we’d wake up to find the baby happy and snug in Margaret’s arms, a little full smile on her face from having drank all her milk — and the living room was even tidied up and the laundry all folded, all those little receiving blankets in neat stacks. It was kind of like that fable of the Elves and the Shoemaker, the one where the Shoemaker wakes up to find all his work done in the night — except this was real. If we ever become billionaires we’ll pay for Margaret Owens to help everyone who ever has a baby, she takes all the stress out of new-parenthood and lets you get some sleep and enjoy the experience, a gift for which we’re still grateful.

Dara and Nathan

Supportive Team Player

I had a very bizarre early labor, every time they would hook me up to the monitor my contractions would disappear. We went to the mall together and walked. Come morning my labor had progressed rapidly which was a big surprise for me. Margaret was a supportive team player with my care provider. Not only was she there for me during pre-labor and then the active stage but she was the only person who I wanted to see following the birth. Just knowing that she solely there for me was a big comfort. I am a single mother was fearful of being left to labor alone. Margaret even brought me a camera after Hailey was born so I could document those first few hours of her little life.

Angel B

A Wonderful Help

Margaret was a wonderful help as a doula when my daughter was born. She held my hand when I got my ITM, walked the halls with me, rubbed my back, legs & feet! She held my head & counted when I was pushing which made it easier for me. She was truly happy & excited when Kylie finally made her appearance! Margaret is a wonderful doula as well as a great person & I would happily have her at the birth of my next baby! She comes highly recommended!!

Jennifer L.

She Gave Me The Confidence I Needed

I don’t know where to begin. Having Margaret by my side during labor made more of a difference than I ever expected. It was amazing how she knew just what to say and do at the right time. She followed all my wishes we had previously discussed to a tee. She reminded me of things we had been taught with calmness and care. She gave me the confidence I needed in myself to accomplish the goal I wanted to obtain. She also helped my husband by reassuring his actions and support. She gave him the guidance he needed which made him a wonderful coach. We were a team that connected on such a level that made each stage of my labor flow. We owe that to Margaret. I will never be able to repay Margaret for what she did for us and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Jody P.