My wife and I recently had the honor of having Margaret McKinley Owens as a Doula at the birth of our son, Benjamin.

Margaret did a wonderful job of supporting both my wife and I in our time of need. Things did not go as planned, but Margaret was there to provide whatever support she could. Benjamin was born at 8:54 PM. Afterwards in the recovery room, we learned that our son was deprived of oxygen and blood for too long and probably would not do well on his own. He was in the NICU.

Two days later, Benjamin went off life support. Margaret came back to the hospital to help us capture our last moments with Ben. She helped us create hand and foot prints of him and took beautiful photographs of our last moments with Ben. We cherish the photos she took of us as they are the only physical reminders we have of our beautiful two days with Benjamin.

Our birth experience was definitely not as we had planned, but Margaret’s support was invaluable. We look forward to being pregnant again and utilizing Margaret’s services.

Dan and Jessica