Learning from our past two newborn experiences and knowing that this was our third and last, we really wanted to find a way to enjoy the baby days while taking care of our other two children with the patience they deserved. Margaret gave us exactly what we needed; sanity. She stayed with our family two nights a week and we all looked forward to "Margaret nights", the highlight of our week. It was so empowering to pass off our precious child to someone we absolutely trusted so we could get much needed sleep. We would wake up completely rested and find baskets of perfectly folded laundry, clean dishes all put away, fresh cut fruit and the scent of a home cooked meal. This truly was a dream, and at such a crucial time.

Margaret's presence was so comforting. Although I knew I needed to go to bed when she arrived, I wanted to stay up and chat as she has such a nice way about her and offered wonderful advice. She was extremely calming on our baby as well with her infant massage – it worked wonders.

We are forever grateful for Margaret for giving us peace when we needed it most.