Despite popular images of mothers cooing over their newborns, the reality is that most women feel overwhelmed at first. Whether it’s navigating the unknowns of new motherhood or caring for a newborn with a toddler underfoot, one thing is certain: new mothers need help. Postpartum services are customized to your needs and include:

  • Assisting with breast and bottle feeding
  • Discussing rest and nutrition needs
  • Supporting your emotional needs.
  • Helping you and Family understanding the ‘baby blues’ and postpartum depression
  • Building confidence in your ability to care for your child; teaching basics of infant care such as bathing, dressing, diapering, and feeding
  • Helping organize areas for infant care
  • Light housekeeping such as changing bedding, preparing meals, doing laundry, running errands
  • 1 complimentary Craniosacral Therapy session
  • Handling phone calls and visitors
  • Making referrals to health care providers as needed
  • Family/Sibling Adjustment
  • Helping you get the rest you deserve

Postpartum services are offered at $35/hr for daytime support and $40-45/ for overnight support and are available the first 16-20 weeks after the delivery of your child. All services are customized to address the unique needs of each woman and family.