Like An Angel

Margaret was like an angel who came into our family around the time our first baby girl was born. Even before the baby's birth, Margaret gave us some critical bits of advice that made labor and our transition into parenthood much smoother. Once we were home with our baby, Margaret came to help us get some sleep at night…little did we know, she would help us with SO much more than that! She was full of helpful tips, answers to our endless list of questions, and grounding re-assurance. Margaret is such a professional, and so passionate about her work and expertise. We're incredibly thankful to have her in our lives!

~First time Mom in Minneapolis

Giving Us Peace When We Needed It Most

Learning from our past two newborn experiences and knowing that this was our third and last, we really wanted to find a way to enjoy the baby days while taking care of our other two children with the patience they deserved. Margaret gave us exactly what we needed; sanity. She stayed with our family two nights a week and we all looked forward to "Margaret nights", the highlight of our week. It was so empowering to pass off our precious child to someone we absolutely trusted so we could get much needed sleep. We would wake up completely rested and find baskets of perfectly folded laundry, clean dishes all put away, fresh cut fruit and the scent of a home cooked meal. This truly was a dream, and at such a crucial time.

Margaret's presence was so comforting. Although I knew I needed to go to bed when she arrived, I wanted to stay up and chat as she has such a nice way about her and offered wonderful advice. She was extremely calming on our baby as well with her infant massage – it worked wonders.

We are forever grateful for Margaret for giving us peace when we needed it most.


Gentle Care And True Affection

Margaret brings a wonderful calm into the home of a family with a newborn. With her warm personality, skills with infants and new moms, and desire to help new families bring order to their home, she played an invaluable role in helping us quickly adjust to the new complexities and joys of our bigger family. Margaret’s gentle care and true affection for our son, her help with laundry and other tasks, and the big smile she greeted us with each night when she arrived at 10pm were so appreciated. We would highly recommend having Margaret as your post-partum doula — she is an absolute joy and expert in helping families adjust to life with a new baby.

Greg and Naomi

Relax Without Worrying

When we found out we were expecting twins it was a welcome, yet overwhelming addition to the two boys we already had at home. We started getting questions from people about how much help we had lined up and started to rethink our ability to handle this all on our own. Luckily a friend recommended we contact Margaret, which we did and after meeting with her, we made the decision to hire her to help us the first 8 weeks (which stretched into 10 weeks) after the babies were born.

Margaret helped us out overnight and we ALWAYS looked forward to the nights she was with us. After a long day of caring for two infants and their older brothers, we cannot begin to tell you how much we looked forward to her arrival. We looked forward to a solid night of sleep and an opportunity to simply relax without worrying and listening for a baby to cry. We were completely confident in Margaret’s skills, and trusted her implicitly with our children.

This was, without a doubt, one of the best investments that we have ever made. We would recommend Margaret to anyone looking for help in adjusting to life with a new baby or babies.

Deb and Tony

Sanity Saver

Margaret was a sanity saver. We couldn’t have adjusted to life with twins without her. She would accomplish more in a couple hours than we would all day and all while we got sweet precious sleep.

John and Susan

I Slept Very Soundly

We used Margaret’s overnight services for several months following the birth of our triplet sons. I eagerly anticipated her arrival on the nights she worked for us, as I could get seven hours of uninterrupted sleep, knowing that my triplets were in experienced hands. I slept very soundly on those nights and I didn’t have any reservations leaving my sons under her care. I have recommended Margaret’s services to other moms of multiples and will continue to do so.